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Treating referred sensation


Trigger points are small, contracted knots in muscle tissue which refer sensations, often pain, to other areas of the body.  Sports massage techniques can release trigger points through the application of pressure to the muscle, so relieving the contraction, reducing pain and improving muscle function.

Outside of the sports massage arena, trigger point therapy is often used to reduce the pain associated with common complaints such as headaches, lower back pain and temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ). As an alternative therapy, people are also often encouraged to utilise trigger points for easing the effects of osteoarthritis, tinnitus, sciatica and migraines.

Dry needle trigger point therapy is a treatment that many people offer. This is superficially similar to acupuncture - another service I offer - though dry needle therapy is generally only used to treat pain that is caused by musculoskeletal issues, rather than the wider variety of ailments that are sometimes treated by acupuncture.

My approach is to work with you to ensure your symptoms are alleviated as effectively as possible, leading to a substantial reduction in the amount of pain you experience. Beyond that, though, I'll be working towards reducing the cause of the pain in the first place, so you receive greater long term benefits than you would do from a simple dose of pain relief.

As with any form of therapy, you should consult with your doctor or specialist before undertaking treatment - especially if you have an ongoing medical condition. You should also make sure you inform me of any conditions or treatments you're aware of, so I can advise as to whether trigger point therapy is likely to be valuable in your case.

My focus is obviously based on sports-related massage, including the alleviation of pain related to sports injuries. But there are also plenty of other things I may be able to help out with, so it's always worth getting in touch to find out more.

Trigger Point Therapy: Service
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